ADAC Germany Classic 2024 

The ADAC Deutschland Klassik took place at the end of May. The classic car walking tour started and ended in Bremerhaven, a fascinating maritime centre with a rich history and breathtaking landscapes. The first tour took participants along the picturesque coastline and offered numerous opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the North Sea.

A particular highlight on the route was the German Maritime Museum, where over a hundred vintage cars were on display. Participants were not only able to experience the historic architecture and maritime culture of Bremerhaven, but also take a look behind the scenes of Glashütte watchmaking. During an exclusive presentation, they were able to see the precision and craftsmanship of the watchmakers up close, take beautiful souvenir photos and fortify themselves for the onward journey with coffee and delicious pastries. For everyone involved, this stop was an all-round successful start in the best weather.

On the second day, the route led into the green surroundings of Bremerhaven, with a highlight visit to Ritzebüttel Castle, a historic landmark in Cuxhaven. The tour ended on the third day with a visit to the Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost, where the participants were able to experience an impressive journey through the Earth's climate zones.

Winding roads, cultural highlights and culinary delights were at the centre of this unforgettable classic car tour.

UNION GLASHÜTTE has once again designed an exclusive limited edition for this year's ADAC Deutschland Klassik: the Noramis Date Deutschland Klassik 2024. You can find all the details about this special watch here: